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Key Duplication: What Are the Pros and Cons

Key Duplication: What Are the Pros and Cons

Key duplication can offer convenience and peace of mind for people who own homes or businesses. Whether you need an extra set of keys for your family or employees—or just as a backup—it's important to understand the risks and benefits of key duplication.

The Benefits of Key Duplication

There are plenty of reasons that making a copy of your most important keys could be a smart move. Here are some top benefits doubling up on your necessary keys offer:

More Convenience

Owning multiple sets of keys helps ensure that authorized people have convenient access to your property. This eliminates the dependency on one person who has the golden access card. Unprecedented events happen all the time, there is no guarantee that the master key-holder will be available to grant access to authorized individuals when they need it. This is particularly useful in households with multiple family members or businesses where several employees need to access certain areas. Key duplication eliminates the complex logistics of sharing one key.

Prevent Lockouts

Imagine it’s been a long day and you are just getting home from work. You reach for your house key only to realize it had been left on the other side of the locked door. This is a disappointing moment we can all relate to (especially when all you want to do is finally put your feet up after the long day and eat a snack.) But it’s a simple problem when you have a duplicate key.

Having a duplicate key handy can eliminate this frustrating and potentially dangerous scene. You may consider giving a duplicate to a local and trusted individual you know or hide the key outside, but make sure you choose a secure location. This is especially important for families with young children or elderly members who might lock themselves out more frequently.

Cost Efficiency

Compared to high-tech security alternatives like smart locks, duplicating a key is a cost-effective solution. Sometimes, it may be better to bring it back to the basics. A duplicate key provides simple backup access to your property without a significant financial investment.

The Risks of Key Duplication

Of course, there are also risks of duplicating your keys. Without having to entirely rule out the idea of getting a duplicate key, it helps to at least know the following issues, so you can make a plan accordingly.

Security Risks

One of the main concerns with key duplication is the potential for unauthorized access. If a duplicate key falls into the wrong hands, someone could easily enter your property to steal items or commit other crimes. 

You can help reduce security risks by limiting the number of duplicates you make and only giving them to people you trust.

Quality Concerns

Not all key duplication services offer the same level of quality. Poorly duplicated keys can damage locks, causing more problems than they solve. Always use a reputable locksmith service, like Volusia Locksmith, to ensure high-quality duplicates that function properly.

Legal Considerations

Certain keys, such as those used for high-security locks, might have duplication restrictions. Attempting to copy these keys without proper authorization can lead to legal issues. Always check the legal status of your key before attempting to duplicate it.

Key Duplication Best Practices

To make the most of key duplication while minimizing risks, follow these best practices:

  1. Choose a reputable locksmith: Choose professional locksmith services, like Volusia Locksmith, to ensure accurate, reliable key duplication. A poorly duplicated key could damage your lock.
  2. Limit key distribution: Distribute your spare keys only to individuals you trust completely, and keep a record of the people who possess a key.
  3. Secure your spare keys: Keep your extra keys tucked away in a safe and secure spot, such as a lockbox or safe. This preventative measure keeps your keys out of the wrong hands. 
  4. Consider high-security options: For sensitive areas, consider using high-security locks that are difficult to duplicate without proper authorization.

Professional Key Duplication Services Near You

Key duplication offers convenience and cost-effectiveness, but it also comes with some potential risks. When you understand these risks and take appropriate precautions, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a spare key.

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